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Department of informational control systems

Brief annotation:

Basic direction of the instruction: computer control of production and business. The knowledge of students is concentrated in the field of industrial logistics, computer sciences and information technologies, software of information managers of systems, mathematical and program simulation, bases of data and knowledge, contemporary methods of designing the program and apparatus sets. Skills are directed toward the design and tracking of contemporary computer information systems. In accordance with the curriculum the students acquire the deep knowledge in the following directions: the computer and network distributed systems for control, program preparation in the contemporary computer platforms and the languages of programming, the development of the bases of data and knowledge, the system technologies of the design of contemporary information systems, the mathematical and program simulation of the objects of automation, management, etc.

  • Intellectual property
  • Psychology and pedagogic of higher school
  • Integrated automated control systems
  • Informational systems of logistic management
  • Diploma planning
  • Master's research work
  • Internship
  • Research internship
  • Work safety
  • Pre-degree internship
  • Informational technologies of corporate and strategic management
  • System design technologies
  • System modeling
  • Distributed systems technologies and parallel computing




Он-лайн тестування з «Математики» і «Української мови та література» у форматі ЗНО