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About department

In September 2012 the Language Training Department was established at the Faculty of Foreign Citizens Training. Senior management, lecturers and staff of the department make the complex guidance of the language preparation of international students, which are trained on all majors of the university, at preparatory department and as PhD.

The staff of the Language Department provides all education materials which are necessary for the training process (textbooks, teaching guides, control works and unsupervised works, tests, dictionaries). Teachers and staff of the Department organize local and international language conferences as well as along with their students take part in workshops and conferences of other universities.

Lecturers of the Department are engaged in the scientific work and publish their articles in Ukrainian and International print publications and post the research results on the Internet. There are modern multimedia laboratory with all necessary computer equipment and interactive boards, computer class for computer linguistics at the Language Training Department.

Also Language Training Department of NAU KhAI invites all interested students to International Center of Language Training and Professional Communication for studying Russian, English, German, French, Italian and other languages. The Center is equipped with computer class, audio- and video facilities, interactive board. There are high-qualified teachers conduct classes.

Along with teaching, scientific research and guiding teachers of the Department make pedagogic and curatorial activity: do excursions together with international students, do meetings in Foreign Students Club, host interest group on Facebook and keep in touch with their graduators all over the world.




Он-лайн тестування з «Математики» і «Української мови та література» у форматі ЗНО